everything is better when it's melting

today i shot a gun at the moon
and it spoke or it cried

i talked to everyone i have ever known

in the space of a second

and i wasn't crying life is so great

do you know how it feels to be shot in the face

i know i know

guns don't kill people

but bullets do

and so does puffer fish improperly cooked

and drunk drivers kill people

and angry mobs kill people

and house fires kill people

and sometimes your heart fails

because you took too many drugs

or maybe an airplane fell on your head

yeah that can be lethal too

remember that one time i died

when i was on the moon

there was no air and i tried to say

i need air! i am a human!

and if you had been there

you wouldn't have heard me

you may have seen my mouth make the words

and have thought i said "i eat hair! shining cubans!"

and felt confused and lost 

and i think that's how it feels to stand

in the middle of a room

trying to become the carpet

i know i know!

get to the point already!

stop changing subjects!

but the point is that we are protected from space

and nothingness

by a thin layer of atmosphere

and then there is a lot of nothing up there

and down here there is something

but we are always under nothing and sometimes

i want to sell religion to the lost

in the form of breathing into a plastic bag

and selling breath to the breathless

if i feel bad about this or anything else

i think to myself:

beneath me is a huge fucking pool of lava!

i am walking on it!

i am a huge badass!

and sometimes it works

and sometimes not so much