Poem Addressing the Elderly

If you fit the stereotype of the elderly than you’re either oblivious to what you’re reading or you don’t understand it or you just don’t like it. I hope none of those things are the case. If you’ve registered the import of that last sentence, then you are likely really here with me now. This is what I was hoping for. It’s beautiful to transcend generations and to just be inside an artistic work, together, enjoying what only a great artistic work can provide. 

Poem Addressing Real Sickos

You know, I just don’t know what your deal is. I can’t imagine why you would read a poem. But I guess that sort of unpredictability is part of your whacko psychology. Anyway, I wish this poem could reference or portray the type of sickness that would both gratify and reform you. I don’t want you to be violent or depressed or whatnot. I want you engaged in this poem and entertained (with your eviscerations, exploding bones, or whatever), but I also want you to become un-sick, to not be a sicko. You sicko’s make me sick! I just want to change this vicious cycle!