I am the man

the god of fuck matures good fortune’s river
run through a machine house of bone structure.
wind foundation, a playful, cheerful fear
inside waters sunken ship formula for success itself
the self of the sparrow wing the golden dove’s bowl
and plastic spoon felt pleased attached the man’s undercurrent
of disbelief as an engine’s roar in a paved lot
glittering anger and the shattered glass of disappointment.


                            life moves forward
                                     that we may attune to lunar

                            the hollow bones side
                  to flow seeing

                            from a great distance what could
                                      be a call

                            in the middle of night. moving
                    dynamically toward

                            the occasionally harassed. to attack the obvious
                                       in everything, signals

                            the need for beholder window.
                  ledges, power poles

                            alert to the good use of clear seeing,
                                       soar and an instinct to attack or shred.